Test Your Thinking

Chapter 3: Test Your Thinking

The projects in this section use the skills you've acquired in this chapter. The answers to these projects are available to instructors only through a Prentice Hall sales representative and are intended to be used in a classroom discussion and assessment.

1)Assess current internal organizational situations, including operations, competition, current usage, staffing responsibilities, and opportunities for transforming business processes. Assembling these topics into a single report, what is a possible overall strategy for utilization of Internet communications?
2)Assess external parties, including existing relationships, partnerships, channel participants, and e-commerce vendors. Assemble these topics into the same report and add it to a possible overall strategy for utilization of Internet communications.
3)With a strategy now in place, consider current internal economics and add that to the plan. Will the current financial situation affect the strategy?
4)Assess financial justification for Internet communication based on the replacement of traditional variable-cost media with fixed-cost Internet communications. Compare this assessment to the economic strategy mentioned in item 3. Can the justification affect the strategy?

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
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