Better Save Than Sorry

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I know it's a really old cliché, but how do you think clichés get to be clichés? Let me tell you a story that happened to me early in my Flash experiences. I was working on a project (one file) and saved over and over again for hours at a time. It took me weeks to finish the project, and I constantly saved my work to be safe. One morning, I opened my file and got an error: "Unrecognized File Format." I tried again. I tried reinstalling Flash. I rebooted. I tried another computer. Nothing. For some reason, the file had become corrupt. My work was lost forever. Here's what I recommend. As you work, make constant backups by saving as a new file each time you make major changes. Keep them organized by using a number system like this: "MyProject_100.fla," "MyProject_101.fla," and so on. It's like putting a version number at the end of every filename. If something goes wrong, you always have a recent backup to revert to. Trust me on this one.



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