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You may develop most of your Flash movies for 56K users, while being on a DSL or other high-speed connection yourself. This makes testing your movies for slower connections difficult. To test how your movie will perform under various situations, test your movie using CTRL-ENTER and then select Bandwidth Profiler from the View menu. What you'll see is a graph displaying how much data is sent for each frame of your movie according to various modem speeds you specify. If you set the modem speed under Download Settings in the View menu to 56K, you'll be able to get information simulating a user on a 56K modem.

Each bar of the graph represents a frame of your movie. If any frame goes above the red line, you know that the user will have to wait for that frame to load. You can change the Download Setting speed to test different connections and see where your movie needs optimizing. This is a very useful tool when you're optimizing your movie for slow connection speeds.


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