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Failed to Save Error!


Yikes, I've been working for hours on this file, and when I go to save my beautiful changes, I get an error saying that Flash Failed to Save the document. What now? Sorry, nothing you can do. Just start over from scratch. I'm kidding. First off, don't panic, and whatever you do, don't close Flash or the document. This issue is usually encountered when you're working on a file that has been opened from a network share that was momentarily disconnected. Regardless of why it happened, here's how to save your work.

First try to use the File > Save As option and save the file to your local hard drive. If you still get an error when saving locally, create a new document and begin dragging all your Library items from the old file to the new. Then go to your main Timeline, click anywhere on your Stage, and use CTRL-ALT-A to select all frames and artwork. Copy and paste frames (using CTRL-ALT-C, CTRL-ALT-V respectively) into the main Timeline of the new file. Disaster avoided!

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