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For the most part, when you want to create a tween of any kind, you select a frame in a frame span and set the Tween option in the Property inspector. However you decide to apply your tween, one thing seems to remain true. You can only create one tween at a time. In actuality, you can add many tweens at once by simply selecting multiple frames that are in different frame spans.





NOTE:A frame span is a series of frames between two keyframes.

If you have multiple frame spans that you'd like to animate quickly, just select frames across each span you want to animate and set your Tween in the Property inspector as you normally would. Immediately, all frame spans selected will have the tween applied. This can save a lot of time in a case where you have many layers that have keyframes set properly and just need to be animated. Yeehaw, another time-saver!

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