Get Ready to Scrub In

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If you don't have a wheel button on your mouse or are working on a Mac, then you can skip this one. Using the Flash Timeline well is a very important skill, and many people get frustrated and give up. Hey, more work for the rest of us. And because you've decided to stay in the game (and buy my book), I'm going to give you a nice little tip for how to move through the Timeline with the greatest of ease. Moving through the Timeline is called scrubbing and typically it's done in several slow and clunky ways, some of which I've already outlined in this very book. There is one method that is simply the fastest of them all. Good luck on your journey to find that way.

No, I would never do that to you. Activate your stage in any Flash document by clicking anywhere on it. Now hold down the SHIFT key and scroll your mouse wheel. Scrolling up will move your playback head forward in the Timeline, while scrolling the wheel down moves the head backward. Oh, and one more thingholding down the CTRL key while using the mouse wheel will jump you to the beginning and end of the Timeline.

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