Section 10.11. Adding Web Views

10.11. Adding Web Views

You can display a snapshot of a Web pagecalled a Web view on a slide. If the computer on which you're presenting the slideshow is connected to the Internet, Keynote updates the snapshot automatically when you open the Keynote document, so your presentation always includes the current version of the Web page.

A Web view is just a static picture of a Web page, so it doesn't display any animation on the page. However, Keynote normally configures these Web page snapshots as hyperlinks to the actual Web page, so when you click a Web view during the slideshow, Keynote opens your Web browser to that pagewhere you see any animations and can scroll down the page, click links, and so on. Learn more about hyperlinks in the next section.

  1. To add a Web view, choose Insert Web View (or Control-click the slide canvas and, from the pop-up menu, choose Insert Web View .

    If you add Web views frequently, consider adding the Web View toolbar buttonsee Section 1.2 for the lowdown on toolbar customizing.

    The Hyperlink Inspector opens, and the Web view snapshot appears on your screen, displaying the Web page you've set as your homepage in your Mac's main Web browser.

  2. In the Hyperlink Inspector's URL field, enter the Web page address for the Web view you want (Figure 10-8) .

    You can also drag a Web location file from your hard drive or a Web address or link from your browser to the slide canvas. Keynote inserts it as a Web view and doesn't bother opening the Hyperlink Inspector.

  3. Unless you want your Web view to be frozen in time, make sure the checkbox marked "Update automatically" is turned on .

    When you open the slideshow document, Keynote looks for an Internet connection in order to update any Web views it finds. If the computer's not connected to the Internet, Keynote displays the view it saved the last time it was connected.

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