Section 10.2. Working with Objects

10.2. Working with Objects

Although they're two separate programs, Keynote and Pages share much more than the box they ship in and the iWork installation disk. Most of the techniques you use for Pages' page layout are identical to those you use for Keynote's slide layout. You don't find columns , sections, headers and footers, or footnotes in Keynote; but text boxes, shapes , pictures, tables, and charts are almost the same in both programs. Keynote's slide canvas is much like a Pages page, except without its text layeryou can't just click the slide and start typing. In Keynote, everything 's a fixed object: pictures, charts, tables, shapes, and text boxes. Since there's no text layer, there are no in-line objects (see Section 4.2.2 if you're curious about how those kinds of objects work in Pages).

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