Section D.3. Pages Resources

D.3. Pages Resources

As the newcomer to Apple's software stable, Pages has yet to develop a big Web presence, but that situation is changing, urged along by a pioneering iWork Web site and an evolving AppleWorks Users Group.

  • iWork Users Group ( . The AppleWorks Users Group (AWUG) started in 1991 as the ClarisWorks Users Group, changed its name when ClarisWorks became AppleWorks, and continued to grow to 15,000 members worldwide. An invaluable resource for AppleWorks users, it is now sprouting a new branch: the iWork Users Group. AWUG's excellent monthly newsletter is filled with tips and tutorials about how to get the most out of AppleWorksand now iWork. Learn more about the organization, how to join, and download a sample newsletter at its Web site.

  • ( . Launched shortly after the release of iWork, this is the first iWork template-sharing Web site. Here you can browse through categories of Pages templates, download them for free, and upload templates you've created. You'll find templates for lesson plans, business cards, resumes, newsletters, and so on. You'll also find a section for Keynote templatesnot themes, but template documents built on Apple's themes.

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