Using Project Backups

Using an original Project name for each and every production means that you can easily back up your work to a DVD, a zip file, or a network location.

To create a Project backup for export


Select File > Manage Projects > Back up project (Figure 1.36).

Figure 1.36. Creating a Project backup.

This brings up an interface with various options for you to choose from (Figure 1.37).

Figure 1.37. The Backup Options screen with various options that can be saved as a reference set.


If you want to burn this to a DVD, click the Options tab and check the Burn to CD/DVD box (Figure 1.38).

Figure 1.38. The second tab, Options, allows you to burn the backup directly to a DVD.


Once you have decided which options to use, click the check mark to begin the process. Depending on the size of the project, this may take some time (Figure 1.39).

Figure 1.39. The backup process in action.

If you have checked the Burn to DVD box, then the DVD burn dialog will appear once the process is complete (Figure 1.40).

Figure 1.40. The DVD Burn dialog. For more details on this screen, see Chapter 12.


  • Liquid Edition does not support large projects spanning multiple DVDs. If your project archive is bigger than 4.7 GB (very likely), then you should create a folder on your hard drive and then use any DVD burning software that will support spanning. Instant CD/DVD version 7 from Pinnacle will do this, but others on the market also have this feature.

  • Using the Project backup feature is a good idea if you are considering using the Delete Project option (Figure 1.41) Using this option deletes not only the Project files, but it can also be instructed to delete the media clips and the render files associated with that Project. If you delete a Project without backing it up, it's gone for good.

    Figure 1.41. Deleting a Project makes it disappear for good, along with any media and render files if those boxes are marked.

To restore a Project from a backup copy


Select File > Manage Projects > Restore project (Figure 1.42).

Figure 1.42. Restoring a backup Project.

This brings up the Restore screen.


Select which Project and which media to restore (Figure 1.43).

Figure 1.43. The Restore dialog allows you to choose exactly what will be restored.

The Options tab allows you to turn off any overwrite warning messages.


Click the check mark to begin the process.

Depending on the size of the Project this may take some time.

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