Getting Further Help

The Pinnacle Webboard ( is a vast pool of knowledge. Anyone who owns a Pinnacle product of any description should always check here to see if anyone else is experiencing the problems they are having. Often they are, and as a result, you see advice here from other users and Pinnacle technical support people.

But to get the best help from this board, you need to provide correct information. It's a bit like asking an oracle a question; to get the right answer, you must first have the right question. An ideal post to the Pinnacle forum would state the problem clearly (in steps 1 to 10 if necessary) and list the hardware and the driver versions you're using.

Once the message is posted, you need to check back regularly to see if anyone has replied. Usually, you receive replies fairly quickly from people who either have this problem and know the solution, or have this problem and can tell you what they've already tried, which in itself is a great timesaver. Pinnacle employees also post to this forum, but bear in mind that they may be anywhere in the world, and as a result, there can be a large time lag getting their responses back to you.

Getting professional help

In each country, there is a network of Pinnacle partners who are very well experienced and can offer either help and advice or (for a fee) take a look at your system. They may be able to save you a great deal of time and money by simply suggesting either an upgrade or confirming that your system will never function correctly as an NLE workstation.

You can find Pinnacle partners via the main Pinnacle Web site from which you can choose which country to search for a dealer near you.

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