Choosing a Menu

Once the DVD wizard's interface opens, you can choose from any of the menus available. These menus are all editable, so don't worry too much about choosing one that doesn't quite match your project. Later in this chapter, you learn how to change everything inside the preset menu (Figure 12.9).

Figure 12.9. DVD wizard, Step 1Choosing a menu template.

To choose a menu


Make sure the timeline cursor is at the point where you want to place the menu (Figure 12.10).

Figure 12.10. Place the menu just after the preplay message (if you have one on the Timeline) but before the first Sequence or clip.


Place the DVD menu on the Timeline by doing one of the following:

  • Double-click the menu you want.

  • Click once on the menu and then click the Insert Arrow button .

Once you've placed the DVD menu, a track called DVD is created on the Timeline and this menu is inserted into it (Figure 12.11).

Figure 12.11. The new DVD track with menu.


  • The default menu size is a few seconds, but you can drag it out to any size you want by clicking the handle on the right and dragging it up the Timeline (Figure 12.12).

    Figure 12.12. Drag out the menu to make it last longer.

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