Using the Vector Scope

This area of the ColorCorrection Editor is only for professional color editors who really know what they are doing, and perhaps for anyone with Photoshop experience because the way you use the histogram is fairly similar.

To open the vector scope

  • Click once on the Vector button on the left side of the ColorCorrection Editor interface (Figure 11.27).

    Figure 11.27. The vector scope and control buttons.


  • You can display vector scopes in five other formats; the most popular are the Waveform (Figure 11.28) and the Histogram (Figure 11.29). These two are most commonly used by color editors to adjust and finely tweak their color selections. With the Histogram, you can even adjust the color by dragging the cursor over one of the three RGB graph areas.

    Figure 11.28. The waveformTop = 100; Bottom = 0.

    Figure 11.29. The Histogram.

Further Reading

Vector editing is a specialist's subject; so I don't deal with it within this book, but for further advice on this subject, read through Chapter 8 of the Pinnacle Liquid Edition Reference Manual.

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