Working with the Default RT Filters

The most common type of filters are the 2D/3D filters and the Base Color Corrector. Because they are such commonly used effects, each one has a shortcut button on Liquid Edition's Toolbar (Figure 9.21).

Figure 9.21. The Toolbar buttons for the RT filters: 2D, 3D, and Base Color Corrector.

To apply one of the default filters from the toolbar


Select a clip in the Timeline by clicking on it once.


Click once on any of the default filtersbut not the Effects Editor menu button, which I deal with in the "Applying the Default Classic Filters" sectionto apply the filter (Figure 9.22).

Figure 9.22. Apply the filter with a single click…

Once you've applied the filter, the editor for that filter automatically opens (Figure 9.23).

Figure 9.23. …and the editor automatically opens.


  • If you exit a filter without making any changes, the filter will be removed from the clip.

Rendering a Realtime Filter

Realtime filters provide a preview of the effect without having to render it. To do so, they use a complex set of codecs, which allow you to see the effect right away. With the right hardware (the MovieBox Pro or the AGP Pro card from Pinnacle) you can even view these filters on an external TV. The quality is so good that you're forgiven for thinking it has already been rendered.

The clue is the slice above the clips that have filters applied to them (Figure 9.24). If this is yellow, then you're looking at a real-time preview and you need to render this before you can create a DVD or output the Timeline to tape.

Figure 9.24. A yellow slice above a clip indicates the presence of an RT filter.

To render a yellow slice, simply click the Render icon in the Liquid Edition taskbar (Figure 9.25). Then, check the include yellow slices check box. When you do, all yellow slices on the Timeline begin to render (Figure 9.26). If the rendering doesn't start, make sure you haven't previously stopped it by clicking the Stop/Start Rendering button to the left of the include yellow slices check box.

Figure 9.25. The Liquid Edition taskbar containing the Render icon. (PAL, top. NTSC, bottom.)

Figure 9.26. The Render View.

Note: A red slice indicates the presence of a non-Realtime filter. A green slice indicates a clip has been rendered. A gray slice indicates a clip that does not require rendering.

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