Chapter 9. Working with Filters

Filtersor Clip FX as they are referred to in Liquid Editionare similar to transitions; they're keyframable effects you use to visually alter the properties of a media clip. But whereas a transition only works on the overlapping point between two separate clips, you can apply filters to the whole clip, allowing for some interesting creative options.

Liquid Edition offers a great selection of filters for various tasksfrom adjusting the size and scale all the way through to visually altering the clip beyond recognitionand just like with transitions, Liquid Edition also offers a whole pile of Hollywood FX (HFX) filters to really add some spice to your video productions.

Learning to apply and edit a filter is relatively easy and draws on those skills you learned with transitions. Adjusting parameters and adding keyframes involves the same procedure, and the only real difference between the two (filters and transitions) is the greater complexity you can achieve using filters.

In this chapter, you learn how to apply a filter, alter the basic parameters, and adjust keyframes. You also look into the complexity of HFX and delve into the most used filter of them all, the TimewarpLiquid Edition's method of creating slow-motion speed effects. Once you have mastered these concepts, you can create some really original effects.

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