Chapter 11. Adding an AJAX Login to a Blog

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11.1 Why Logins Work Well with AJAX

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11.2 Building an AJAX Login

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11.3 Extending the Login Form

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11.4 Implementing the AJAX Comment Login System Using XML

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11.5 Summary

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A common feature of many Web logs is the ability to leave comments. When these systems were first implemented, they allowed anyone to fill in a couple of fields and post a comment directly to the site. Today, however, most blogs have some sort of moderation system with which the blog owner can approveor disapprovecomments. In an effort to streamline this process, many blogs also use logins. The problem with a login to a site like a blog is that it's not something you need to do until you go to post a comment. This makes a standard login process involving a couple of different redirects annoying, especially if you've already filled out a comment before attempting to log in. AJAX offers you the ability to streamline this process because you need to submit only the login form, not the entire page.

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