Changing How You See Your Calendar

By default, Notes shows a sevenday view of your calendar, but that may not be the way you want it to work. In this section, you will learn how to change how your calendar is displayed.

  1. Click on the Calendar Bookmark. Your calendar will open.

    click to expand

    The default view for the Lotus Notes Calendar is the seven-day Week view.

    Once you customize your calendar, the settings will remain even after you close your calendar so that next time you open it, you don't have to customize it again. We will now cover all of the possible options for viewing your calendar.

  2. Click on the Day tab.

    click to expand

    If you prefer to view your calendar just a day or two at a time, this is the option for you. The Day view includes the following options:

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  3. Click on the Week tab.

    click to expand

    The Week tab gives you a few more options.

    click to expand


    Notice that the view that you currently have selected will have a checkmark beside it in the options.

  4. Click on the Month tab.

    The Month tab gives you options to view your calendar monthly.

    click to expand

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