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sweet and sour grapes
Sweet and Sour Grapes
by Jim Egbert ISBN:1587620316
Aspatore Books 2003 (211 pages)

This book describes how early entrepreneurs responded to their environment by confronting challenge and risk while satisfying their needs and wants.

Table of Contents
Sweet and Sour Grapes
Chapter 1-Imagination, Passion, and the Sixth Priority
Chapter 2-Progress and Its Cause
Chapter 3-The Culture of Yankee Ingenuity
Chapter 4-Why We Work (W3)
Chapter 5-Historical Snapshot
Chapter 6-Leaders: The Facilitators of W3
Chapter 7-The Business Enterprise
Chapter 8-Buyers and Users
Chapter 9-Competition
Chapter 10-Government and Pig Farmers
Chapter 11-Lessons Learned

Sweet and Sour Grapes
Sweet & Sour Grapes: The Story of the Machine Tool Industry
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