The Cause of Progress

“The growth of the cognitive areas that distinguish ours from other large brains - could have come from our increasingly creative use of tools.”[7]

The implication from this quote is that the cognitive areas of the human brain and its general mental capability will continue to evolve on the basis of its creative use and exercise. It stands to reason, then, that competitors ranging freely, exercising their imagination in competitive combat stimulate that cognitive area’s development and growth.

Nature’s natural selection process took many, many generations to cause even small changes, while today advances in medicine and technology are accelerating geometrically. Natural selection has evolved to become the force that drives the small isolated populations - the individual enterprises of today, to create innovative products, processes, and medicines at accelerating speed - the free market forces.

The truly effective organizations are independent of and competitive with each other. They are small enough, at least in spirit, to foster an internal environment that nurtures passion, imagination and the courage to face challenge and risk. They are unencumbered by oppressive traditions, standards, paradigms, paralyzing bureaucracy such as government or industry, as well as organized labor imposed- guidelines, rules, or regulations.

[7]Michael D. Remonick and Andrea Dorfman, Up From The Apes, (Time Magazine, August 23, 1999), 57.

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