5.3 Linux networking

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5.3 Linux networking

A Linux guest can be installed, with the primary network interface being a guest LAN.

5.3.1 Connecting Linux to a z/VM guest LAN

If a guest LAN is defined and the z/VM Linux guests have a NIC defined and coupled (see 5.2.3, "Add network interface cards (NICs) to Linux user IDs" on page 76), a network interface to a Linux guest can be added as follows.

  1. Update the file /etc/chandev.conf to define the device.

  2. Update the file /etc/modules.conf to associate a driver to an interface.

  3. Create a configuration file in the directory /etc/sysconfig/network/, as shown:

     # cd /etc # tail -1 chandev.conf noauto;hsi0,0x0600,0x0601,0x0602;add_parms,0x10,0x0600,0x0602,portname:GESTLAN1 # tail -1 modules.conf alias hsi0 qeth # cd sysconfig/network/ # cat ifcfg-hsi0 BOOTPROTO="static" STARTMODE="onboot" IPADDR="" MTU="1500" NETMASK="" NETWORK="" BROADCAST="" 

Figure 5-3 on page 80 illustrates possible Domino, Linux, and VM configurations that might be considered, depending on your environment.

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Figure 5-3: Ways to configure Domino servers on Linux

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