2.9 Where to find more information

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2.9 Where to find more information

  • "Related publications" on page 375 contains a list of IBM Redbooks about Domino, Linux on zSeries, z/VM, and other topics that might be useful to you.

  • Official Lotus product documentation in the Lotus Documentation Library is available online:


    From there you can download the following resources.

    • The Release Notes for specific releases of Domino. These highlight new enhancements and troubleshooting tips, and provide updates to the product documentation. Read the Release Notes for your level of Domino before you begin the installation. The Release Notes for Domino 6.5 include a section specific to installation on Linux in a zSeries environment.

    • Lotus Domino Administrator 6.5 Help, a Notes 6 database which describes how to set up and administer Domino servers. This is the same help file which is installed with the Domino Administrator client. You will also find a copy of this database on the Domino for Linux installation CD. This is a primary resource for Domino administrators who want to learn how to do something with a Domino server.

    • The Lotus product manuals (yellow books) in PDF format. This includes such books as Installing Domino Servers, Administering the Domino System, and Administering Domino Clusters. These books can also be purchased in hardcopy from the IBM Publications Center, and are available in downloadable PDF format from the Lotus Documentation Library.

  • The Lotus Developer Domain is a good source of information about Domino:


    In addition to the Documentation Library, there are technical articles in "LDD Today", and forums where you can participate in discussions with other Domino users.

  • IBM zSeries has a Web site with information about Domino running on zSeries servers. Here you will find information specific to Domino and zSeries, including news and information, customer case studies, upcoming events, recommended service levels, and capacity planning. The site is currently contains information on z/OS primarily, but Linux information will be added.


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IBM Lotus Domino 6. 5 for Linux on zSeries Implementation
IBM Lotus Domino 6.5 for Linux on Zseries Implementation
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