1.1 Contents and audience

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1.1 Contents and audience

In this chapter, we discuss why you should consider running Domino for Linux on zSeries, and list the advantages of running Linux in a guest under z/VM. We then describe the structure of running Domino for Linux on zSeries for those who are not familiar with all of those products, and review what is new in Domino 6.5, since this is the first release that is supported on Linux on zSeries.

This chapter is intended for zSeries systems programmers, Domino administrators, consultants, and service technicians, as well as managers, planners, and decision makers.

The following chapters provide more detailed technical information on planning, allocating and managing disk space, network considerations, installing Linux and Domino and administering Domino. We then discuss systems management, capacity planning and performance tuning, connectivity to DB2, and migration from previous Domino releases or Domino servers on other platforms.

1.1.1 Scope and assumptions

In this redbook we assume that you already have z/VM installed and working, if you will be using it to support Linux and Domino. We discuss the installation of Linux, either natively, or in an LPAR, or under z/VM, and cover the advantages of those environments in more detail in various sections of this chapter.

We also assume that you have done the necessary planning work for Domino, either by having an existing Domino domain that you will add the server into, or by completing a detailed Domino planning exercise. We assume that you have already decided on names for servers, domains, administrators, and so on. This work will require an experienced Domino administrator.

Following installation of the Domino server, we describe how to administer and manage it, focusing on differences and best practices specific to Domino for Linux on zSeries, and we refer you to other Domino books for information on basic Domino administration.

Refer to "Related publications" on page 375 for help with tasks not covered in this redbook.

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IBM Lotus Domino 6. 5 for Linux on zSeries Implementation
IBM Lotus Domino 6.5 for Linux on Zseries Implementation
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