Chapter 3: Basics of the Linux Operating System

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Now that you have made it through the installation of Linux, you are probably anxious to begin using it. This chapter is sort of a tour of Linux basics. Many useful features and some fundamental concepts and terms will be introduced in this chapter. The primary goal of this chapter, however, is simply to get you comfortable with Linux. With that in mind, it is recommended that you not simply read this chapter but also do some exploring. When you see something, play with it a little. The goal is that at the end of this chapter and this section you will be comfortable with Linux.

You will see a wide range of topics in this chapter. Each will be introduced and explained briefly. You may feel that some topics are given too brief an explanation, and that you are not getting enough detail. Don’t let this trouble you. Each of these topics will be expanded upon in subsequent chapters.

This chapter also marks the end of Section I, “Linux Fundamentals.” By the time you have completed this chapter and this section, you should be basically familiar with simple Linux concepts, know how to maneuver in the Linux graphical user environment, and have a basic understanding of Linux terminology. You won’t be a guru, and you probably should refrain from applying for a job as a Linux system administrator, but you should be comfortable and ready to move deeper into the world of Linux.

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