13.8 The SPKIData Element

The SPKIData element appears as a child of KeyInfo. It conveys information related to SPKI public key pairs, certificates, and other SPKI data. [RFC 2693] For its identifier, see Table 13-1.

SPKISexp is the only prespecified child element of SPKIData. It is the base-64 encoding of a SPKI canonical S-expression. SPKIData must have at least one SPKISexp; SPKISexp can be complemented or extended by siblings from an external namespace within SPKIData. Also, SPKIData can be entirely replaced with an alternative SPKI XML structure from an external namespace as a child of KeyInfo.

Implementation of SPKIData is optional. The SPKIData element syntax follows:


In schema notation, it has the following form:

 <!-- SPKIData schema --> <element name="SPKIData" type="ds:SPKIDataType"/> <complexType name="SPKIDataType">   <sequence maxOccurs="unbounded">     <element name="SPKISexp" type="base64Binary"/>     <any namespace="##other" processContents="lax"          minOccurs="0"/>   </sequence> </complexType> 

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