Recipe 5.16 Turning Directories into Hostnames


You want to migrate pathnames under a single hostname to distinct hostnames.


Use RewriteRule in httpd.conf:

RewriteRule "^/(patha|pathb|pathc)(.*)" "http://$$2" [R] RewriteRule "^/([^./]*)(.*)" "http://$$2" [R] RewriteRule "^/~([^./]*)(.*)" "http://$$2" [R]


The first recipe redirects requests of the form to a different host, such as, but only for those requests in which pathseg is patha, pathb, or pathc.

The second recipe does the same thing, except that any top-level path segment is redirected in this manner.

The third recipe splits the difference, redirecting all "user" requests to distinct hosts with the same name as the user.

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