IPv4 Addresses and IPv6 Equivalents

To summarize the relationships between IPv4 addressing and IPv6 addressing, Table 3-8 lists both IPv4 addresses and addressing concepts and their IPv6 equivalents.

Table 3-8. IPv4 Addressing Concepts and Their IPv6 Equivalents

IPv4 Address IPv6 Address

Internet address classes

Not applicable in IPv6

Multicast addresses (

IPv6 multicast addresses (FF00::/8)

Broadcast addresses

Not applicable in IPv6

Unspecified address is

Unspecified address is ::

Loopback address is

Loopback address is ::1

Public IP addresses

Aggregatable global unicast addresses

Private IP addresses (,

Site-local addresses (FEC0::/48), and

APIPA addresses (

Link-local addresses (FE80::/64)

Text representation: Dotted decimal notation

Text representation: Colon hexadecimal format with suppression of leading zeros and zero compression. IPv4-compatible addresses are expressed in dotted decimal notation.

Network bits representation: Subnet mask in dotted decimal notation or prefix length

Network bits representation: Prefix length notation only

Understanding IPv6
Understanding Ipv6
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