General Designer

Application Designer, 31

Logical Datacenter Designer, 60

General property page (Performance Explorer), 314-315

general session properties, setting, 314-316

Generate Method Stub, 299-300

generating code from tests, 386-387

generating tests from code, 382-386

generic testing

automated testing, 435

configuration options

Additional files to be deployed with this generic test option, 460

Command-line arguments to pass to the generic test option, 460

Display execution application (window or console) at runtime option, 460

Environment Variables option, 460

Exit test run if run duration (in milliseconds) exceeds option, 461

Redirect standard output and error to test result option, 460

Specify an existing program to wrap as a generic test option, 459

creating a generic test, 456-462

ErrorLevel codes, 461-462

exit codes, 461-462

extended return results

example summary report XML file, 469-470

overview, 467-468

summary report XML schema, 468-469

external testing tool creation

Managed Code, 465-467

overview, 464

reasons for, 464

Windows Scripting Host, 464-465

overview, 455

running the generic test, 462-463

test projects, 340

wiring to existing test systems

JScript conversion code, 473-477

NUnit, creating a wire to, 471-473

overview, 470-471

GenericApplication (Application Designer), 32

GenericClientEndpoint (Logical Datacenter Designer), 61

GenericEndpoint (Application Designer), 31

GenericServer (Logical Datacenter Designer), 61

GenericServer settings and constraints, 72

GenericServerEndpoint (Logical Datacenter Designer), 61

globalization rules, 225

goal-based load profiles, 420-421

Goldratt, Eliyahu M. (The Goal), 569

Goodwin, Kim (personas), 576

governance, 577

graphical language creation

Connector Map, providing a, 145-146

connectors, defining, 143

overview, 141-142

Shape Map, providing a, 144-145

shapes, defining, 142-143

toolbox, defining, 144

Graphs View of results, 423-424

Greenfield, Jack (Software Factories: Assembling Applications with Patterns, Works, Models and Tools), 5, 7

grouping test results, 350

grouping tests, 346

groups, security, 621-622

Guthrie, Scott (MadDog), 437

Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Programmer to Programmer)
ISBN: 0764584367
EAN: 2147483647
Year: N/A
Pages: 220

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