This chapter explained how Team Foundation Build fits in within your software development process. You learned how to plan and deploy Team Foundation Build and how to perform daily tasks such as starting, stopping, and deleting builds. You also created build types and set up the e-mail notification system.

Essential tools you will use in a multi-server environment are the command-line tools. You looked at how to use the tfsbuild command and then you delved into scheduling. After learning how to schedule daily builds (in a Formal environment) or quick iterative builds (in an Agile environment), you learned how to access the build reports and measure the effectiveness of a build.

Finally, you learned how to extend and modify Team Foundation Build using XML configuration files and MSBuild tasks. In the next chapter, you will learn more about deployment and maintenance strategies for all components of Team System.

Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Programmer to Programmer)
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