This chapter covered details common to all tests in Visual Studio Team System. We began with an introduction to the new project type, Test Project. You learned about the types of tests that can be added to test projects and how to configure the defaults for test projects you create.

We then covered the Test Manager and Test View windows in detail, showing you how to use the features of each to quickly and easily manage any number of tests.

After explaining the use of the management windows, we detailed some of the less common, but still very important uses of the Test Results window. You've learned how to export and import test run results to TRX files as well as how to publish those results to your Team Foundation Server instance for reporting and tracking purposes.

Finally, we looked at a special test type called the ordered test. Ordered tests are used to group other tests together to be run as a unit. Contained tests are executed in a specified order, and you can optionally indicate that you want the test to abort when any test fails.

The details covered in this chapter should prepare you to effectively manage and orchestrate the testing of your Team System projects. Whether your project has just a few or many hundreds of tests, using the tools and techniques described in this chapter will help you to achieve success.

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