9.7 Modifying scheduled backups

monitoring and managing microsoft exchange 2000 server
Chapter 9 - Backup and Recovery Operations
Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
by Mike Daugherty  
Digital Press 2001

9.9 Creating an Emergency Repair Disk

Each Windows 2000 system has its own Emergency Repair Disk that should be updated every time you make a software or hardware configuration change. The Emergency Repair Disk is used to return a Windows 2000 system back to the state of the last emergency repair update. You can use the disk to repair missing or corrupt Windows 2000 files and to restore the registry. You can use the following procedure to create an Emergency Repair Disk:

  1. Start the Backup process from the Windows 2000 Start menu by selecting Programs   Accessories   System Tools   Backup.

  2. From the Backup window, select the Emergency Repair Disk button (Figure 9.19).

    Figure 9.19: The Emergency Repair Diskette dialog box

  3. Select the check box to backup the registry to the repair directory. Unlike Windows NT 4.0, registry files are not copied to the Windows 2000 Emergency Repair Disk. Selecting this check box will copy the registry keys to the %systemroot%/Repair directory. The System State backup will copy these to tape.

  4. Insert a blank, formatted diskette into drive A, and select OK.

The Backup wizard will immediately begin creating the Emergency Repair Disk and will display a status window to show you the progress of the operation. When the Emergency Repair Disk has been created, the Backup wizard will display a summary window instructing you to label the diskette Emergency Repair Disk. Select OK when you are done reviewing the summary information. Store the disk in a safe and secure location.


Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
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