Part II: System Administration

In this part of the book we show you how to set up your Linux system and its environment to do pretty important things such as printing and sharing files with other systems; we also show you how to take care of your system in other ways. If you have more than one person using the system, the material in this section is particularly important. It's also important if your distribution failed to get networking up and running, or if you want to run any of the servers in Part IV of the book.

Chapter 10: System Administration Basics

Chapter 11: Managing Users, Groups, and Permissions

Chapter 12: Installing, Updating, and Compiling Programs

Chapter 13: Networking

Chapter 14: Printing

Chapter 15: File Sharing

Chapter 16: The X Window System

Chapter 17: System Start and Shutdown

Chapter 18: Configuring and Building the Kernel

Chapter 19: Text Editing

Chapter 20: Text Processing

Running Linux
Running Linux
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