Key Learnings for How to Emcee a Meeting, Introduce a Speaker, and Present Awards


  • Consider yourself honored if you are asked to be a program chair. It’s a showcase for you. It will do more for your stature and visibility in your company than six months of normal work.

  • Use the TEAS formula when introducing a speaker. It’s simple and it works. The introduction will be livelier and the speaker better launched.

  • Make sure you get a good anecdote; it makes your introduction special. It also sets up the speaker, and the audience loves it.

  • Hold the name for last when you introduce a speaker or present an award. It helps build anticipation. The audience will applaud more enthusiastically.

  • Punch the name with gusto when you announce the speaker or the award winner’s name.


  • Use the person’s name ten or fifteen times in the course of the introduction. This strips all drama from the ending.

  • Talk too long. You are the preface, not the book.

  • Try to steal the show by being a comedian or by seeking undue attention. Not your job. There’s a place in heaven for a good emcee. Most comedians never get there.

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