Lesson7.6.Entering Task Fixed Costs

Lesson 7.6. Entering Task Fixed Costs

Figure 7-7. The project in Gantt Chart view with the Cost table.

Fixed costs are different from rate-based or per use costs. Fixed costs don't change if the duration or amount of work needed to complete a task changes. In this lesson, we'll assign a fixed cost to a task.

  1. Select View The project appears in Gantt Chart view.

  2. Select View All available cost fields are displayed.

  3. Select the Duplicate and kit CDs task.

    The vendor for this task agreed to a one-time fee of $6,750 to complete this task.

    Enter this fixed cost for the task.

  4. Click the Fixed Cost field and type 6750. Press Enter.

    The task is set to cost $6,750, as shown in Figure 7-7, even if the duration or amount of work changes.

Tip: If you want to enter a fixed cost for the entire project, select Tools View tab. In the "Outline options" section, click the Show project summary task checkbox, and then click OK. In the Task Name field, select the project summary task. In the Fixed Cost field, type a cost for the project.

To Enter a Fixed Cost for a Task:

  1. Select View

    Select View

    Select the task for which you want to enter a fixed cost.

  2. Type the cost in the Fixed Cost field.

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