Chapter 1. The Fundamentals


  • Project Standard or Professional 2003 installed on your computer.

  • Basic computer knowledge.

Welcome to your first chapter on Microsoft Project 2003! Project 2003 is a high-powered project management tool that you can use to control and track any kind of project once it has been planned. With Project 2003, you can see every detail of your project simultaneously so you can follow its progress.

For years, people have been completing projects, like mailing Christmas cards or building a ten-ton steel bridge, without the aid of software. So why use project management software? The answer is simple: because your project will be completed as painlessly and problem-free as possible.

Project 2003 can be a bit intimidating at first, with its big, blank default screen and its many buttons and views. But don't worry; this chapter will introduce you to some of the basic functions of Project 2003. Also, if you've already used more basic Microsoft applications, such as Word, you'll already know how to perform many simple Project 2003 tasks. With that in mind, this chapter is your introduction to Microsoft Project 2003 and the world of project management. And so, without further ado, turn the page and let's get started!

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Project 2003 Personal Trainer
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