identifying the EMOTIONAL CENTER

To be a graphic designer is to be a communicator. Your vision and your message should resonate deeply ”as deep as any other artistic form of expression. Yes we are commercial artists . We make our living selling products, or events, or performer's images. Sometimes that can be difficult; nevertheless, I always try to design with passion.

The final step of the process of designing effective motion graphics is to identify the emotional center of the spot. When I sit down with clients , I train my ears to pick out words they use to describe their desires for the work. What I look for has very little to do with the storyboard, the sequence, or the verbiage. I am looking for the emotional message ”it's always just one ”that sums up the entire spot. It's this emotional message that I will try to communicate through motion and rhythm.

Let's look at the development of the Roger Black's Interactive Bureau spot as an example of this process.

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