<cfupdate dataSource = "ds_name"          tableName = "table_name"          tableOwner = "name"          tableQualifier = "qualifier"          username = "username"          password = "password"          formFields = "field_names"> 


Used to update a recordset in a database from a form. This tag eliminates the need for writing a SQL update statement. The table that is updated must have a key and the key must be passed with the form.


dataSource (Required)

Name of the datasource that contains the table to be updated.

tableName (Required)

Name of the table to update.

tableOwner (Optional)

For datasources that support table ownership (for example, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase SQL Anywhere), the table owner.

tableQualifier (Optional)

For datasources that support table qualifiers. Note the following about table qualifiers:

  • SQL Server and Oracle. Name of database that contains table.

  • Intersolv dBASE driver. Directory of DBF files.

username (Optional)

Overrides the username the datasource settings.

password (Optional)

Overrides password value specified in the datasource settings.

formFields (Optional)

Comma-delimited list of form fields to update. If a form field is not matched by a column name in the database, ColdFusion throws an error. The database table key field must be present in the form.

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