<cftry>          Add code here  <cfcatch type = "exceptiontype">          Exception processing code here  </cfcatch>  Optional: More cfcatch blocks here  </cftry> 


Used for error handling in conjunction with the CFCATCH tag. When used with each other, this tag set catches exceptions that cause errors that stop the execution of a ColdFusion page. Exceptions can be user-defined events or normal errors, such as missing include files or undefined variables.


type (Optional)

Default: any

  • application. Catches application exceptions.

  • database. Catches database exceptions.

  • template. Catches ColdFusion page exceptions.

  • security. Catches security exceptions.

  • object. Catches object exceptions.

  • missinginclude. Catches missing include-file exceptions.

  • expression. Catches expression exceptions.

  • lock. Catches lock exceptions.

  • custom_type. Catches developer-defined exceptions, defined in the CFTHROW tag.

  • searchengine. Catches Verity search engine exceptions.

  • any. Catches all exception types.

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