<cftreeitem          value = "text"          display = "text"          parent = "parent_name"          img = "filename"          imgopen = "filename"          href="URL"          target = "URL_target"          query = "queryname"          queryAsRoot = "Yes" or "No"          expand = "Yes" or "No"> 


Adds data into a CFFORM tree created with the CFTREE tag. To display icons, you can use the image values that ColdFusion provides or reference your own icons.


value (Required)

Value passed when CFFORM is submitted. Use a comma-delimited list for multiple values when using a query.

display (Optional)

Tree item label. Use a comma-delimited list for multiple values when using a query.

parent (Optional)

Value for tree item parent.

img (Optional)

Use this attribute to create icons on the tree. If you are using custom icons, specify the path and file extension.

imgopen (Optional)

Icon displayed with open tree item. You can specify icon filename with a relative path or use a ColdFusion predefined image.

href (Optional)

If the tree is populated with a query, this associates a URL tree item.

target (Optional)

Target attribute of HREF URL. When populating a tree with data from a query, specify target in delimited list: target = "FRAME_BODY,_blank".

query (Optional)

Query name to generate data for the tree item.

queryAsRoot (Optional)

Defines query as the root level. This avoids having to create another parent tree item.

expand (Optional)

Default: Yes

  • Yes. Expands tree to show tree item children.

  • No. Keeps tree item collapsed.

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