<cftree name = "name"          required = "Yes" or "No"          delimiter = "delimiter"          completePath = "Yes" or "No"          appendKey = "Yes" or "No"          highlightHref = "Yes" or "No"          onValidate = "script_name"          message = "text"          onError = "text"          lookAndFeel = "motif" or "windows" or "metal"          font = "font"          fontSize = "size"          italic = "Yes" or "No"          bold = "Yes" or "No"          height = "integer"          width = "integer"          vSpace = "integer"          hSpace = "integer"          align = "alignment"          border = "Yes" or "No"          hScroll = "Yes" or "No"          vScroll = "Yes" or "No"          notSupported = "text">  </cftree> 


Use with the CFFORM tag this tag creates a tree control in a form. A query may be used to supply data, and user input can also be validated.


name (Required)

Name for the tree.

required (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, user must select an item in the tree.

delimiter (Optional)

Default: \\ (double slash). Character to separate elements in the form variable path.

completePath (Optional)

Default: No

  • Yes: Passes the root part of treename.path form variable when CFTREE is submitted.

  • No, or omitted: Root level of form variable is not passed and the path value starts with the first node.

appendKey (Optional)

Default: Yes, when used with HREF, passes ColdFusion TREEITEMKEY variable with the value of the selected tree item in the URL to the application page specified in the CFFORM action attribute.

highlightHref (Optional)

Default: Yes

  • Yes. Highlights links that are associated with a CFTREE item with a URL value.

  • No. Disables highlight.

onValidate (Optional)

Calls a custom JavaScript function to validate input.

message (Optional)

Message to display if validation fails.

onError (Optional)

JavaScript function to execute if validation fails.

lookAndFeel (Optional)

Default: windows

  • motif. Renders slider in Motif style.

  • windows. Renders slider in Windows style.

  • metal. Renders slider in Java Swing style.

font (Optional)

Font name for data in the tree.

fontSize (Optional)

Font size for text in the tree.

italic (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, displays the tree text in italics.

bold (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, displays the tree text in bold.

height (Optional)

Default: 320. Tree height.

width (Optional)

Default: 200. Tree width.

vSpace (Optional)

Vertical margin above and below the tree.

hSpace (Optional)

Horizontal spacing to left and right of the tree.

align (Optional)

Tree alignment. Options are Left, Right, Bottom, Top, TextTop, Middle, AbsMiddle, Baseline, and AbsBottom.

border (Optional)

Default: Yes, which adds a border around the tree.

hScroll (Optional)

Default: Yes, which permits horizontal scrolling.

vScroll (Optional)

Default: Yes, which permits vertical scrolling.

notSupported (Optional)

Message to display if page that contains Java applet-based form control is opened by browser that does not support Java or that has Java support disabled.

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