<cfwddx action = "action"          input = "inputdata"          output = "resultvariablename"          topLevelVariable = "toplevelvariablenameforjavascript"          useTimeZoneInfo = "Yes" or "No"          validate = "Yes" or "No" > 


Creates or decodes a WDDX packet that is a generic way of passing data from different applications or servers. WDDX is an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) schema that is native to ColdFusion and describes complex data structures in a way that is usable by ColdFusion. Using WDDX limits the scope of the XML that is usable by applications other than ColdFusion; if you want to use generic XML, refer to the CFXML tag.


action (Required)

  • cfml2wddx. Serialize ColdFusionML to WDDX.

  • wddx2cfml. Deserialize WDDX to ColdFusionML.

  • cfml2js. Serialize CFML to JavaScript.

  • wddx2js. Deserialize WDDX to JavaScript.

input (Required)

A value to process.

output (Required if action = "wddx2cfml")

Name of variable for output. If action = "WDDX2JS" or "ColdFusionML2JS", and this attribute is omitted, result is output in HTML stream.

TopLevelVariable (Required if action = "wddx2js/cfml2js")

Name of top-level JavaScript object created by deserialization. The object is an instance of the WddxRecordset object.

useTimeZoneInfo (Optional)

Default: Yes. Whether to output time-zone information when serializing CFML to WDDX.

  • Yes. The hour-minute offset, represented in ISO8601 format.

  • No. The local time is output.

validate (Optional)

Default: No. Applies if action = "wddx2cfml/wddx2js".

  • Yes. Validates WDDX input with an XML parser using WDDX DTD. If parser processes input without error, the packet is deserialized; otherwise, an error is thrown.

  • No. No input validation.

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