<cfoutput          query = "query_name"          group = "query_column"          groupCaseSensitive = "Yes" or "No"          startRow = "start_row"          maxRows = "max_rows_output">  </cfoutput> 


Use this tag to display ColdFusion results of queries and other operations.


query (Optional)

Name of CFQUERY from which to get data for output.

group (Optional)

Use this attribute if you want to group records according to a column in the query. This attribute is useful to eliminate duplicate data.

groupCaseSensitive (Optional)

Default: Yes. Used to group by case, if this is important and a non-case-sensitive query is used to retrieve the data.

startRow (Optional)

Default: 1. Row from which to start output.

maxRows (Optional)

Maximum number of rows to display. This can be used to limit the number of records displayed.

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