<cfinvoke           component = "component name or reference"           returnVariable = "variable name"           argumentCollection = "argument collection"           ...  >  Syntax 2  <cfinvoke           method = "method name"           returnVariable = "variable name"           argumentCollection = "argument collection"           ...  >  Syntax 3  <cfinvoke           webservice = "taglib-location"           method = "operation_name"           input_params ...           returnVariable = "var_name"  > 


Invokes component methods from within a ColdFusion page or component. When operating on components, it instantiates a web component and invokes a method on it. It also invokes a method on an instantiated component. When operating on web services, it invokes a method on a web component. This tag can pass parameters to a method in the following ways:

  • With the cfinvokeargument tag.

  • As named attribute-value pairs, one attribute per parameter.

  • As a structure, in the argumentCollection attribute.


component (Required if method is not specified)

A reference to a component or a component to instantiate.

method (Required if component is not specified)

Name of a method; for a web service, the name of an operation.

returnVariable (Optional)

Name of a variable for the invocation result.

argumentCollection (Optional)

Name of a structure with arguments to pass to the method.

username (Optional)

Overrides username specified in ODBC setup.

password (Optional)

Overrides password specified in ODBC setup.


The URL of the WSDL file for the web service.

input_params (Optional)

Input parameters.

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