<cfapplication name = "application_name"          clientManagement = "Yes" or "No"          clientStorage = "datasource_name" or "Registry" or "Cookie"          setClientCookies = "Yes" or "No"          sessionManagement = "Yes" or "No"          sessionTimeout = #CreateTimeSpan(days, hours, minutes, seconds)#          applicationTimeout = #CreateTimeSpan(days, hours,minutes, seconds)#          setDomainCookies = "Yes" or "No"> 


Defines the scope of a ColdFusion application; enables and disables storage of client variables; specifies the client variable storage mechanism; enables session variables; and sets application-variable timeouts.

Server-, session-, and application-scope variables are stored in memory as structures. The user-defined function (UDFs) scope is not accessible as a structure.


name (Required for application/session variables; optional for client variables)

Name of application, with a 64-character limit.

clientManagement (Optional)

Default: No. Yes enables client variables.

clientStorage (Optional)

Default: registry

Options: (Where variables are stored)

  • datasource_name. In ODBC or native data source.

  • registry. In the system registry.

  • cookie. On client computer in a cookie. This is a scalable option if you have a large number of clients, but will not work if cookies are disabled in the browser.

setClientCookies (Optional)

Default: Yes enables client cookies. With No, ColdFusion does not automatically send CFID and CFTOKEN cookies to the browser and CFID and CFTOKEN must be manually coded on the URL for every page.

sessionManagement (Optional)

Default: No. Yes enables session variables.

sessionTimeout (Optional)

The lifespan of session variables. This option is also set in the Variables page of the ColdFusion Administrator.

applicationTimeout (Optional)

The lifespan of application variables. This option is also set in the Variables page of the ColdFusion Administrator.

setDomainCookies (Optional)

Default: No. Yes sets CFID and CFTOKEN cookies for a domain. Required for applications running on clusters.

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