<cfapplet appletSource = "applet_name"          name = "form_variable_name"          height = "height in pixels"          width = "width in pixels"          vSpace = "space_above_and_below_in_pixels"          hSpace = "space_on_each_side_in_pixels"          align = "Left/Right/Bottom/Top/TextTop/Middle/AbsMiddle/ /Baseline/AbsBottom"          notSupported = "message_to_display_for_nonJava_browser"          param_1 = "applet_parameter_name"          param_2 = "applet_parameter_name"          param_n = "applet_parameter_name"> 


Used to reference a registered custom Java applet. Java applets are registered in the ColdFusion Administrator in the Java Applets section.

Using this tag within a CFFORM tag is optional. If you use it within CFFORM, and the method attribute is defined in the Administrator, the return value is incorporated into the form.


appletSource (Required)

Name of registered applet.

name (Required)

Form variable name for applet.

height (Optional)

Height of applet.

width (Optional)

Width of applet.

vSpace (Optional)

Space above and below applet.

hSpace (Optional)

Space on left and right of applet.

align (Optional)

Alignment: Left, Right, Bottom, Top, TextTop, Middle, AbsMiddle, Baseline, and AbsBottom.

notSupported (Optional)

Text to display if a page that contains a Java applet-based CFFORM control is opened by a browser that does not support Java or has Java support disabled.

param_ n (Optional)

Registered parameter for applet. Specify only to override values for applet in ColdFusion Administrator.

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