How This Book Is Organized

This book is organized so that, generally speaking, one chapter builds on the next. However, each chapter, and indeed almost every chunk, can serve as a self-contained entityin other words, you won't have to read the thing cover to cover (as entertaining as that might prove to be) to get the information you need.

One of the things that sets this book apart is its focus on the latest Service Pack from Microsoft. Therefore, I start with an overview of Service Pack 2 so that you'll have a better understanding about all the changes wrought by SP2. The other 14 chapters incorporate the latest changes into the discussion when necessary. Here is what the book covers:

  1. New Features in Service Pack 2

  2. Windows Installation and Upgrade

  3. Startup and Shutdown

  4. Disk and File System Management

  5. Customizing the Windows Interface

  6. The Command Line and Other Advanced Techniques

  7. Clicking Less

  8. Print Management

  9. Playing Nicely with Others

  10. Setting Up a Wireless Connection, or How to Check Your Email in a Coffee Shop

  11. Sharing and Securing Information

  12. Email and Internet Browsing Tricks

  13. XP Backup and Recovery

  14. Common ProblemsEasy Fixes

    Online Bonus!Help and Support Options (To download this chapter, go to

That's right. There's a bonus chapter for folks who register online. As the chapter title suggests, the extra chapter is for those who are looking for additional help when using, well, the Windows XP Help system.

Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
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