Disable Error Reporting

And speaking of frozen applications, you will also notice that whenever XP closes one, it tries to jettison an error report to Microsoft HQ. You can take comfort in the fact that no personal information is sent during this error reporting process, but you still might want to disable this feature and let your applications die without the press release.

Not a problem. Here's what to do:


Right-click My Computer from the Start Menu and choose Properties to open the System Properties Control Panel applet.


Choose the Advanced tab and click the Error Reporting button. As shown in Figure 14-17, you can disable error reporting for your system, or just fine-tune how error reporting works. For example, you can configure it to report just operating system errors, or just errors from Microsoft Office applications, and not the (perfectly legal) file sharing programs you have running. Because you never know.

Figure 14-17. Adjust error reporting with this dialog box.


Click OK to commit your changes.

Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
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