Install with Automatic Updates

You've made the necessary preparation, and now the time is at hand. There are four methods you can use to install XP Service Pack 2: Automatic Updates, Windows Update, Network Install, and CD-ROM Install. We'll explore the first two in some detail.

How can I tell which Service Pack I have?

You can determine which service pack you have installed by opening the System Properties applet in the Control Panel (right-click My Computer from the Start Menu to get there). Look at the top section on the General tab for the Service Pack version information.

New computers with XP preinstalled include Service Pack 2.

Of these methods, the easiest way to install SP2 is to simply enable Automatic Updates. This is noteworthy because this is the first time Microsoft has ever made a Service Pack available with Automatic Updates. After Automatic Updates is turned on, your system will download the SP2 startup procedure, well, automatically. It will even do this in the background (as with all the other Automatic Updates) so that you can continue working normally while the service pack is downloaded.

Here's the easiest way to enable Automatic Updates:


Point your Web browser to the following URL:


Click on the link called "Let us do it for you," and then from the resulting page, click "Start Here."


If you are prompted with a security bulletin as shown in Figure 1-4, make sure the software is signed by Microsoft and click OK. The software will allow Microsoft's Website to make configuration changes to your computer.

Figure 1-4. Make sure Microsoft has signed the software.

Once Automatic Updates have been enabled, SP2 should soon begin downloading in the background. When finished, you will see the balloon message in the taskbar that you see in Figure 1-5. As the balloon instructs, you can click it to begin SP2 installation.

Figure 1-5. Service Pack 2 is ready for installation.

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