Select What to Back Up

You have used wizards by now, and I won't go through each and every screen of this Backup Utility. The "What to Back Up" dialog box has a few suggested choices, and if you select the "Let me Choose…" option, you're given an Explorer-like interface that lets you make backup selections by putting checkboxes next to what you want to backup, as shown in Figure 13-2.

Figure 13-2. Tell the Backup Utility what to back up.

Obviously, this is the most crucial dialog box in the wizard (if you don't take one of the prefabbed selections), as the items you select here will be included in the .bkf file. Here, a blue check mark signifies that the entire folder and subfolders will be backed up, while a grey check mark indicates that only certain items within the folder will be backed up.

You don't even have to back up entire folders; the Utility lets you select individual files for backup as well.

The last page presents a summary of the backup. Choose Finish to start the procedure. When the backup is done, you can click the Report button to view a log file generated as the files were copied and verify that the backup was a success.

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