Set Up Outlook Express with AOL

AOL is still a very valuable Internet Service Provider for millions. (Incidentally, I noticed recently that some AOL CDs give 1045 hours of free use within 45 days. There are only 1080 hours in 45 days. What's so valuable about the other 35 hours? Do they expect people to be so enamored with their AOL access that they sit inert at the computer for six weeks straight? Why don't they just give away 45 days of unlimited use?) Therefore, I see it as my duty to share the method for setting up America Online integration for Outlook Express.

We don't talk that much about IMAP email accounts, but AOL is a perfect example of when you might set up one. With OE's IMAP support, you can send and receive AOL mail. (Alas, OE won't tell you that "You've got mail," however.)

Here's what to do:


Select Tools | Accounts in Outlook Express.


Click Add, and then choose Mail. Enter the name you want displayed to other users and click Next.


Enter your AOL email address, and click Next.


Now, select the IMAP option under the "My incoming mail server is a" choices, and then use "" in the "Incoming mail server" entry box.


Use "" under "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server," as shown in Figure 12-8, and click Next.

Figure 12-8. Adding an AOL account in Outlook Express.


In the ensuing dialog box, enter your AOL screen name and password. Click Next and Finish.


You're almost there. Now, select the entry in the Internet Accounts window and choose Properties.


Navigate to the Servers tab and ensure that the "My server requires authentication" is checked under Outgoing Mail Server.


Select the Advanced tab, and enter 587 in the "Server port numbers for outgoing mail (SMTP)" entry box.


Now, access the IMAP tab, and make sure the "Store special folders on IMAP server" is not checked. Click OK when you're done.

You can then close the Internet Accounts window and select Yes to download the AOL folders list in Outlook Express. All your existing and future AOL mail should be available in Outlook Express.

Now, you get the same advantages of Outlook Expressstationery, search and archive abilities, etc.without having to sacrifice your AOL address.

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