Navigate the Folder Structure

Windows XP also includes a cleaner way of navigating the Folders bar, called the Simple Folder View. Here's how it workswith the Simple Folder View enabled, clicking a folder in the Folders bar displays the contents of the folder in the right pane of Windows Explorer and expands the folder you've clicked. But when you click another folder, Windows Explorer closes the Folder branch you were just viewing and opens the one you clicked in its place. Thus, only one folder is open when you are looking at the directory tree.

This feature can be a big navigational aid if you are looking through folders that have several subfolders because it prevents a lot of scrolling back and forth. Sometimes, though, you might want the Simple Folder View turned off. To set the folder expansion options as they were in previous versions of Windows, follow these steps:


In Windows Explorer, choose Tools | Folder Options to open the Folder Options dialog box.


Click the View tab.


In the Advanced Settings list, clear the "Display simple Folder View in Explorer's folders list" check box.


Click OK.

You can modify this Simple Folder View behavior somewhat: click the plus sign instead of the folder name to expand a branch without closing the previous one.

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